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“Health Checker”, the new mobile solution to support companies managing the safe return of staff.

Health Checker allows the management of self-certifications with legal value in a totally digital way and in compliance with privacy regulations. Employees - at each access to company premises - declare the absence of symptoms from COVID-19, that their temperature is below the risk threshold, and have not been exposed to any risk factors (e.g. contact with possible contagion situations). The new solution can be used through the DIZME app, the digital wallet for digital identity based on blockchain technology.
After having downloaded the DIZME app to his/her smartphone, available for free on Apple Store and Play Store, the employee creates their account by choosing their username and entering their e-mail, certified immediately by sending a code. Then they proceed to upload their ID and take a selfie.
InfoCert - as Trust Service Provider - verifies the correspondence with the photo of the document and certifies the identity of the employee. From this moment onwards, at each access on site, the employee can check-in independently: the user accesses the DIZME app to view the QR code identifying the office and declare his/her body temperature in addition to the other self-certifications necessary to finish the check-in. In compliance with the principle of minimization of data processing, provided for by the GDPR, no additional pre-COVID information is saved, avoiding the company having to add additional compliance activities. 



“Quadra”, a Telematic Process Solution to continue judicial activity without entering offices. 

We simplify the work, using automation processes and systems that faithfully reflect the traditional production processes of businesses and professionals. For our customers we are a commercial, management and technical partner. Following the health emergency that inhibited access to public offices (Courts and Courts of Appeal fall into this category), Visura promoted the Quadra Telematic Process Solution platform. Quadra is a dedicated cloud management system for lawyers that allows them to follow all the developments of a judicial procedure electronically (without any physical contact with the offices). In addition, during the emergency, we put in place two distinct actions to further facilitate work in smart mode: a smartphone app useful for accessing the IT file in consultation and a remote digital signature device that can be used without a USB physical device. We have signed an agreement with the NPO Banco Alimentare  (Food Bank) to donate part of the sales to a solidarity initiative. Thanks to the opening granted by the Ministry of Justice, Visura has also enriched the electronic payment functions of the so-called “Justice Costs” to all Italian Judicial Offices. This feature therefore avoids physical contacts for all payment transactions.


Sixtema: A Digital Kit to assist customers in the Covid emergency.

We innovate, creating solutions for business evolution and to allow our customers to achieve concrete competitive advantages. Digitization, certification and organization are the 3 guidelines with which Sixtema has remained close to its customers to deal with the Covid-19 emergency, responding to First-Aid requests. The Digital Kit designed for associations and SMEs has allowed new market agreements. For the associative world we have developed a new cloud platform to manage activities and documentation for filing requirements, usually carried out at the service counter, in an innovative and remote way. Following the Presidential Decree of the Council of Ministers regarding Credit and Guarantees, Sixtema translated the regulatory changes into its operating modules of the platform for Confidi and Financial Intermediaries. New features that allowed the creation of new businesses in the sector.



"BusinessRestart" and "Analyst Plus Opinion" to identify high potential commercial leads and obtain targeted assessments of  Covid-19 impacts.

We are a reference player in credit management and credit recovery and in providing official and real estate data in the corporate and financial sector. We collect, process and interpret data to allow our customers to make decisions based on reliable information. Non-performing revenues, problem collections and difficulties in assessing the solvency of customers are the priorities that each company is called upon to face in order to exit the Covid 19 emergency.
Innolva has developed new solutions to overcome these challenges:
•    "BusinessRestart" to identify only high potential leads
•    Early and timely management of credit with measures measured on the current economic context to protect corporate liquidity
•    Exclusive "Plus Analyst Opinion" report that integrates online commercial information with direct checks on a company's real operations and targeted insights on the economic impacts determined by the pandemic.



REValuta: hasn’t stopped: thanks to “ReSite” for virtual inspections.

We act on various levels of complexity from evaluation to management of structured interventions for different markets and/or areas of activity through different types of analysis, expert opinions or technical consultancy. In these months ReValuta has not stopped. Thanks to "ReSite", the investigation and real estate inspection has continued, allowing us to continue to follow customers for expert reports and evaluations. Thanks to ReSite,  a dedicated app, the workflow that risked suffering a heavy backlash from the Covid emergency has not stopped. Today, ReValuta makes this functionality available to customers with which it is possible to carry out inspections by remotely guiding the person present on site, optimizing costs and taking advantage of modern technologies and soon others will follow.



“News from the field” to get to know the most attractive markets.

Leader in Italy for Temporary Management services. Our slogan is to sit alongside the entrepreneur and accompany him on his growth path, through a concrete and consolidated methodology over time, with the support of advanced technological and digital tools. As a business supporter, Co.Mark anticipated the need for SMEs to receive periodic news and ideas on the progress of the Italian industrial situation and on the global commercial scenario.
Thus was born "News from the field", the weekly newsletter free of charge sent to all subscribers via e-mail and on LinkedIn "in a nutshell", with the aim of providing news on the most receptive foreign markets, on active business opportunities, on the sectors of greatest interest at the moment to generate exports and on the situation of transport and logistics worldwide.


"GDPR - Restart”, a Sanitation Guidebook and web page focus on incentives for companies for the Covid emergency.

Our goal is the industrial growth of our country through the search for subsidized finance solutions and business consultancy. During this phase we developed a service to support companies in the recovery of post-emergency activities by combining Corporate Finance, Facilitated Finance and the advices of Warrant Innovation Lab, to help our customers on the liquidity front and to face current expenditure , to follow them in obtaining incentives for industrial reconversion and grants of the Transformation 4.0 plan and in innovating products, services, processes, through digitization and the necessary technological tools. With "GDPR - Restart" we have set up a team of highly qualified resources in the field of GDPR to be able to guide and assist companies in fulfilling the new regulatory obligations; with the Health Guidebook we assist customers to understand how to obtain the new tax credit for sanitizing environments and work tools.
In addition, since March we have launched a web page entitled "Coronavirus incentive emergency" which is constantly updated.