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Innovation is one of the original and distinctive features of Tinexta Group.

It is aimed at offering answers and new solutions in the face of a scenario increasingly characterized by disintermediation and digital identity. With wide-ranging applications: from e-commerce to home banking, from smart working to networked relations with the Public Administration, from the sharing of means of transport to the interactive use of databases, from distance contracts to IT security.

In Tinexta, innovation starts from people and enhances a corporate culture focused on investments able to support the ability to execute, the sharing of best practices, the engagement and the attraction of the best talents. The companies of the Group are engaged on many fronts, with a continuous development of products and services and a wide-ranging support to research, in collaboration with universities and training centers. As an example, InfoCert has patented 17 innovative solutions based on digital trust. In 2014, it started with the WebID patent for paperless and full legal value remote contracting. In 2016, it patented FIRMA-VOCALE for legally valid signing of deeds using only voice and a smartphone. Corvallis has realized with the Puglia region a project for the development of integrated platforms for tourism enhancement and promotion of the territory, public health (Health Remote assistance system), agriculture, (BlockChain at the service of agri-food supply chains, culture (System for Cultural Heritage Restoration and Monitoring) and integration of social and health welfare services. The companies of the Group have to their credit numerous collaborations with training institutions and university organizations aimed at the realization of innovation. InfoCert has long had a partnership with the University of Salerno through the associated company eTuitus, while Yoroi has ongoing research initiatives with the Universities of Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia (UniMore), Ferrara, Sannio and Cagliari.

Tinexta is also at the forefront of environmental innovation, thanks to the new services offered by WarrantHub, in particular the LIFE program (European Union funding for the environment and climate action) and the Industry 4.0 program at the national level.