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Results and Growth Strategy

For Tinexta Group, growth is one of the core values of its strategy. A growth both by internal lines, with the development of products and services in the four business units, and through targeted acquisitions in Italy and abroad.

In 2021, Tinexta achieved revenues of 375 million euros, an increase of 39.5% compared to the previous year. Significant progress was also made in Ebitda, which reached 99 million (compared to 81.2 in 2020) and net income at 40 million (it had been 37.9 in 2020).

At the end of 2020, Tinexta had 2,129 employees with substantial gender parity (1,250 men and 926 women). Compared to 2020, when there were 1,292 employees, there has been a strong increase due to new hires and the acquisition of the three companies that formed Tinexta Cyber. 

Also in the coming years, development will continue along the two lines of organic growth and targeted acquisitions, with the aim of strengthening the group's leadership in the most important markets. The vertical integration in the segments of Digital Trust, Cybersecurity, Digital Innovation and Digital Marketing will continue. The presence on the Public Administration front will be strengthened. Cross-company initiatives will be defined on the Open Innovation and Academy fronts. 

Strengths of the 2022 - 2024 strategy

  • Strengthening of the leadership in the reference markets;
  • Continuous support for strong organic growth;
  • Increasing integration;
  • Enhancement of human resources and ESG sustainability;
  • A careful and proactive financial policy;
  • An effective insertion in the dynamics of the PNRR.