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Results and Growth Strategy

New product development and acquisitions enable the Group to meet the growth needs of modernising the economic system.

As of December 31, 2020, the Tinexta Group has 1403 employees and presents the following consolidated results (in euros):

Revenues: €269.1 million (+ 4.0%)

EBITDA: €77.9 million (+ 9.3%)

EBITDA margin: 29.0% (up from 27.6%)

Net income: €37.9 million (+31.7%)

Net debt: €91.9 million

The pillars of the 2021 - 2023 Plan

  • Continuous expansion of the range of innovative products and services in all the Business Units;

  • Continuous improvement of operational efficiency and strengthening of higher value-added services as drivers of growth in Group EBITDA margin;

  • Continued focus on operating cash generation aimed at deleverage and possible new perimeter enlargements;

  • Continuation of the M&A strategy with two growth drivers: internationalization and expansion of the offering with new services and products.