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Growth strategy

At Year-end 2018 Tinexta Group had 1294 employees and presented the following consolidated results (in Euros):

  • Revenues: €239.6 million (+ 32.4%)
  • EBITDA: €66.0 million (+62.3%)
  • EBITDA margin: 27.5% (22.4%)
  • Net Profit: €33.1 million (+63.8%)
  • Net financial Indebtedness at year-end: € 124.9 million

The Strategic Guidelines approved and underpinning the Group's development objectives are as follows:


  • Digital Trust: leadership in the European market through M&A;
  • Innovation & Marketing Services: reinforcement of positioning in Spain and close supervision of the Benelux area.

Development of the Offer: to support clients with new services/products for:

  • Digital transformation;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Cyber security.

New organizational model, to reinforce the support to our businesses and to seize all the growth opportunities offered by the presence in several markets

TINEXTA Group forecasts, based on a constant consolidation perimeter basis:


  • Revenues: greater than €250 million; and
  • EBITDA reaching between €68 - 70 million.


  • Revenues: greater than €290 million; and
  • EBITDA: will grow proportionately more than Revenues.