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Our History

In 2009, at the same time of the constitution, the share capital of InfoCert Ltd. - today one of the main Certification Authorities in Europe - is acquired and shortly afterwards the same happens with the 25% of Sixtema, a company active in the services of organization and administrative management. Here begins the focus of the Group's core activity: provision of services and solutions that improve the life of companies, developed in digital and innovative environments. Following the acquisition of Ribes and Assicom, later merged into Innolva, Tinexta widens its scope to information and credit management services and in 2013 it transforms from a limited liability company into a joint stock company. 2014 is the year of the entry in AIM ITALY.

2016 is an important year: Co.Mark - which opens the product export market - and Visura, specialized in digital services for the forensic world, enter the Group. To finance these two acquisitions, the Group carries out a second capital increase and soon after enters the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange. The Company's profile is sharper: if the mission is to support companies, the range of solutions expands further - in 2017 - with the entry of REValuta, specializing in Real Estate, and the acquisition of Warrant Hub, leader in consulting services for the access to subsidized finance services. The following year is characterized by the first acquisition abroad: through InfoCert Ltd., the Group acquires the 51% of AC Camerfirma S.A., a Spanish Digital Certification Authority, which marks the first concrete step towards the goal of creating a pan-European Trust Service Provider. The activity towards foreign markets is now a constant feature: in 2019, Camerfirma Colombia S.A.S. is established - by the subsidiary Camerfirma S.A. and private shareholders - with headquarters in Bogota, thus laying the foundation for expansion into South America. In 2020 a strategic agreement is signed between the subsidiary InfoCert Ltd. and Authada GmbH, a Digital Identity Provider with cutting-edge technology, based in Darmstadt, Germany. Also in 2020, the Group enters the Cybersecurity sector through the creation of the new Bu, Tinexta Cyber, and acquires the companies Corvallis, Yoroi and Swascan.

In January 2021 Tinexta Ltd. acquires, through Co.Mark Ltd., Queryo Advance Co. Ltd., a Digital Agency in strong development. In June 2021 Tinexta Group starts a strategic partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo Forvalue, a capillary network offering non-financial services and products with preferential access to the customers of the largest Italian bank. The transaction provides for the contribution by Intesa Sanpaolo of the 100% participation of Intesa Sanpaolo Forvalue in Innolva Ltd., a company controlled by Tinexta.