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Tinexta was founded in 2009 when Tecno Holding, which is owned by the main Italian Chambers of Commerce, contributed some of its participations. In particular, upon its constitution, Tinexta received the share capital of InfoCert Spa, today leader of the Italian market in digitalization services and one of the main Certification Authorities in Europe.

In 2011 InfoCert acquired 25% of the share capital of Sixtema Spa, a company active in providing organizational and administrative management services and software to small Italian companies.

In 2012, the Group formulated an industrial plan aimed at transforming the company from a holding company into an industrial group, focused on providing services to businesses. Subsequently, Tinexta acquired - among others - the control of Ribes Spa and Assicom Spa, later merged together to form one of the leading Italian companies for information services and Credit Management. In 2013 Tinexta transformed itself from a limited liability company into a joint-stock company.

In 2014 Tinexta undertook a capital increase of €22.8 million through the sale of 6.7 million shares at a price of €3.40 per share and listed on AIM ITALIA, the Italian Stock Exchange market for small and medium-sized companies.

At the end of 2014, the Tecnoinvestimenti Group expanded with the acquisition of 67.5% of Assicom and its subsidiaries, Creditreform Assicom Ticino SA and Infonet. The latter, which was subsequently merged by incorporation into Ribes in June 2015, strengthened the Group's positioning in the banking market. Assicom, on the other hand, allowed the Group to grow significantly in the corporate market (with over 9,000 customers) and in business to business credit collection.


The following year InfoCert increased its stake in Sixtema Spa from 25% to 35% and acquired Eco-Mind App Factory Srl, a start-up in the document digitalization and electronic signature sector, later merged into InfoCert.

In 2016 Tinexta began a new chapter in its history: it acquired 70% of Co.Mark Spa, a leader in furnishing export consulting services to SMEs, and 60% of Visura, specialized in services to lawyers and accountants by providing access to the civil and penal judicial telematic system and offering secure electronic transmission of financial statements and corporate documents (Bylaws, Ownership statements, etc) via certified electronic mail. To finance these two acquisitions, the Group undertook a second, larger capital increase of approximately 50 million Euros, which allowed it to move from the AIM segment to the MTA (Equity Telematic Market), STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange.

In 2017 The Group acquired a further 55% of Sixtema to reach 80% and launched the merger and reorganization process of Assicom and Ribes. From the two companies Innolva Spa was born, today one of the leaders of Credit Information and Management in terms of size and potential in the Italian market. RE Valuta, a leading real estate valuation company in Italy formerly controlled by Ribes, was brought under direct control of Tinexta. In addition, Tinexta acquired 70% of Warrant Group, today named Warrant Hub, a leading company in consultancy services to obtain subsidized finance and industrialize innovation.

2018 has been a year of important events. First of all, the Group made its first acquisition outside Italy: via InfoCert the Group purchased in May 51% of AC Camerfirma, a Spanish Certification Authority. This is the first concrete step towards the goal of creating a pan-European Trust Service Provider (“TSP”).

In July, Innolva S.p.A. finalized the acquisition of Comas S.r.l. and its smaller sister company Webber S.r.l. Comas is active in selling commercial and real estate information through the internet. The transaction is part of a broader strategy aimed at strengthening the positioning on the web and increasing Innolva's market share.

On 26 September 2018, Tinexta, again through its subsidiary InfoCert SpA, signed an agreement to acquire via a capital increase 50% of LuxTrust, the leader in Digital Trust in Luxembourg that also benefits from strong institutional sponsorship. The joint venture between InfoCert and LuxTrust is a critical second step towards the goal of creating the pan-European Trust Services leader. The partnership will stimulate the growth of LuxTrust, thanks to the offer of best-in-class services to existing and new customers, with the aim of supporting its international development in the Digital Trust sector in its reference markets, including France, Netherlands and Belgium.

Then, towards the end of the year, in November 2018, the new identity arrived: Tecnoinvestimenti changed its name to Tinexta. Commitment, ambition, professionalism and mission are the same as ever, but the Group’s gaze is now opened on a wider and more global mark.