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Procedure Internal Dealing

The Internal Dealing Procedure governs, inter alia, the public disclosure requirements for transactions involving shares, debt instruments, derivative instruments and financial instruments linked to the Shares and debt instruments issued by the Company by Relevant Persons (defined within), whose total amount reaches € 5,000.00 over a calendar year (the "Relevant Operations"); after reaching this amount, all the transactions carried out are considered Relevant Operations.

Pursuant to the Internal Dealing Procedure, the Directors described above are required to notify the Directors, Statutory Auditors and Senior Management, identified by the Board of Directors, who, although not members of the aforementioned bodies, have regular access to Privileged Information concerning directly or indirectly the Company and have the power to adopt management decisions that may affect the evolution and future prospects of the Company (together with the "Relevant Persons").

The Internal Dealing Procedure provides that the Relevant Persons, as well as the persons closely related to them, cannot carry out - on their own account or directly or indirectly - transactions involving the financial instruments referred to above issued by the Company within 30 days of calendar preceding the announcement of the annual financial report, the half-yearly financial report, as well as the interim management reports (the so-called “blocking period”).


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