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Privileged Information Procedure

The Privileged Information Procedure establishes the principles and rules that Tinexta and its subsidiaries follow in their internal management and in the disclosure of Privileged Information to third parties, regulating, inter alia: (i) the identification of Privileged Information; (ii) the process for activating the Procedure to Delay the Disclosure of Privileged Information to the public; (iii) the methods of dissemination and disclosure of Privileged Information to the market; and (iv) the principles of conduct to be followed by the subjects and the corporate organizational structures involved in various ways in the treatment of Privileged Information and confidential information. Finally, it is specified that the Privileged Information Procedure governs, in compliance with the applicable regulations, the Company's conduct in cases of leakage of information and disclosure of Privileged Information during investor meetings, press meetings and interaction with financial analysts.

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