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Principal Shareholders

The following table shows the composition of the Share Capital, which is based on regulatory information received and other information available to the Company, of shareholders holding directly or indirectly of more than 5% of the Company's Ordinary Share Capital.


Principal Shareholders Share Helds %
Tecno Holding S.p.A. 26.317.960 55.75%
Market/Float 20.899.160 44.25%
Total Shares Outstanding* 47.207.120 100%


*The total reflects the latest capital increase following the exercise of the third and final tranche of the "2016-2019 Tecnoinvestimenti Warrants".
On 4 October 2019 it was announced that 317,000 new Ordinary Shares had been issued (equal to 0.676% of the former Share Capital of Tinexta S.p.A.) and the new Share Capital (47,207,120 Shares) had been registered in the Corporate Registry of Rome.

Principal Shareholders

Source: Reuters/Factset

Parasocial Pacts

As at the Date of the Prospectus, the lssuer is not aware of any Shareholder's agreements or agreements whose implementation could, result in a change in the control structure of the lssuer at a later date.