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The Mission

Your growth is our business: Tinexta Group provides highly innovative services and products to foster the development of its customers in terms of innovation, digitalization, business vision and data security. Working side by side with companies, financial institutions, trade associations, professional orders, professionals and Public Administration bodies, the Group offers ever new tools to:

  • expand the business through the safe use of the web and strategic digital growth tools, in full compliance with European standards;
  • manage and protect the business in an informed and up-to-date way;
  • facilitate access to credit, financing and production expansion;
  • broaden a company's commercial horizons by promoting exports;
  • secure the production of value thanks to sophisticated cyber security systems.

Tinexta has achieved the ISO 9001 Certification for its Management System related to the design and delivery, to the companies of the Group, of the Management and Administration services of Human Resources and Purchasing. The ISO 9001 Certification represents the internationally recognized reference standard for the Quality Management of organizations.