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The Mission

The Tinexta Group aims to provide the best services and products to foster the development of its customers in terms of innovation, digitalization and commercial vision.

In virtue of the high level of expertise and specialisation of the companies, the Group, assists businesses, banks and professionals through their growth process, supporting development in terms of efficiency, innovation, commercial vision, and customer service.

Consistent with the Group's mission, Tinexta provides clients, who have the desire and capability for growth, with a continuously updated platform of high value-added services and tools, in a heavily digitised context. In particular, Tinexta offers specific services and targeted solutions to accompany the development of businesses, financial institutions, trade associations, professional associations, professionals and public administration agencies.

From commercial expansion to the digitalisation of processes; from bolstering exports to management simplification; from tools to access credit to financial protection; from risk analysis to digital identity: for every management problem, we propose an appropriate, targeted solution to support the customer’s value chain.