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Our Strategic Vision


Areas of specialization


The Tinexta Group's strategy envisages organic development, also thanks to greater integration of Group companies, maximizing synergies. The Group also continues to develop by external lines through acquisitions of new business by further developing the areas of specialization.


The strategic guidelines

In the strategic guidelines - approved by the Board of Directors on 31 January 2018 – the Group intends to develop further the existing high-value service platform for client companies using the following levers

  • continuous strengthening in the areas of specialization, through a focus on innovation and the quality of services offered;
  • expansion in the offer of services, which can support the value chain of client companies (access and credit management, asset management,   corporate finance, etc.), also by exploiting the possibilities of commercial synergies between Group companies;
  • international development of the Group's activities;
  • cybersecurity.


Developing through external growth

Since 2013, when it has redesigned its strategic direction, Tinexta has embarked on an expansion through several acquisitions on the domestic market and from 2018 the expansion through acquisitions on the international market began its debut with the acquisition of Camerfirma in Spain.

The Group's approach to external growth is based on choosing businesses that:

  1. have solid fundamentals;
  2. are aligned with the existing business to extend or enlarge the market share or enter into segments or geographic areas of contiguous market;
  3. have high standards / Financial Discipline.

The major acquisitions since 2016 are the following:

Acquisition Date Link to press Release
Co.Mark March 2016 Scarica il pdf
Gruppo Visura June 2016 Scarica il pdf
Sixtema April 2017 Scarica il pdf
Warrant Group November 2017 Scarica il pdf
Camerfirma May 2018 Scarica il pdf
Comas & Webber July 2018 Scarica il pdf
Lux Trust September 2018 Scarica il pdf
Promozioni Servizi October 2018 Scarica il pdf
Lux Trust December 2018 Scarica il pdf
Warrant Group April 2019 Scarica il pdf
Visura July 2019 Scarica il pdf
Corvallis October 2020 Scarica il pdf
Yoroi October 2020 Scarica il pdf
Swascan October 2020 Scarica il pdf