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The Company

We are a dynamic and rapidly expanding Group, listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange. Heirs of Tecnoinvestimenti, we have always been at the side of citizens, businesses and Public Administration to promote growth and modernization.

Leader in the field of advanced digitalization, through our subsidiaries we operate in four business areas: Digital Trust, Cybersecurity, Credit Information & Management, Innovation & Marketing Services. 

  • The Mission

    At the side of citizens and companies to promote growth and digitalization: we believe that progress is progress if it is for everyone and that digitalization is an added value to evolve and make evolve, for this reason we work to innovate and bring the future in the present of all.

  • Results and Growth Strategy

    New product development and acquisitions allow the Group to meet the needs of growth and modernization of the economic system.

  • Our History

    Tinexta Ltd. was founded in 2009 with the contribution of Tecno Holding's shares - a company owned by the main Chambers of Commerce - and Unioncamere. The ambition is to support the evolution of Italian SMEs, the intuition is to do it driven by the digital wind that in those years begins to blow on the entrepreneurial economy of the Country.

  • Management

    Our Management…

Corporate profile

 € 375.4millions

 € 98.7 millions

 € 39.6 million

 AUGUST 2016



€ 263.3 million

The Group

Today Tinexta is among the leading operators in Italy in four business areas: Digital Trust, Cybersecurity, Credit Information & Management and Innovation & Marketing Services.

  • In a time when activities are increasingly carried out remotely, it becomes essential to ensure identity, security, reliability of transactions and exchanges.

  • Cybersecurity is a strategic infrastructure for the protection of citizens and their "social economy", as well as companies operating in increasingly global markets: from cyber warfare to hacking, from identity replacement to traceability, to "common" terrorism.

  • Enterpreneurs make decisions every day, and in order to do so they need reliable, official and certified informations.

  • Alongside companies with subsidised finance and business solutions, support for innovation and access to European funds, with a constant focus on digital marketing and internationalisation areas.


Tinexta offers a range of solutions to support professionals, companies and Public Administration bodies in the digital transformation, in the development of new business opportunities, in the guarantee and reliability of management processes. In particular, in the fields of:

  • Business Innovation
  • Cybersecurity and IT security
  • Credit management and finance
  • Internationalization and new markets


In Evidence

  • The Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors in office is composed of 11 members, was appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting of 27/4/2021, and will remain in office until the date of approval of the financial statements at 31/12/2023.

  • Share performance

  • Programmed events

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