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  • The BoD approved the 3Q 2020 results: Revenues 188.9 millions (+4,3%); EBITDA 55.6 millions (+20,4%)
  • Tinexta acquires 30% of FSB Next, the new servicer of NPEs


  • The BoD approved the 3Q 2020 results: Revenues 188.9 millions (+4,3%); EBITDA 55.6 millions (+20,4%)
  • Tinexta acquires 30% of FSB Next, the new servicer of NPEs
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The Company

Successor of the Tecnoinvestimenti Group, Tinexta is a dynamic and rapidly growing Group, listed on the STAR segment of the Italian stock exchange. Through its subsidiaries, Tinexta operates in three business segments: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management, Innovation & Marketing Services

  • The Mission

    In virtue of the high level of expertise and specialisation of the companies that are part of the Group, we accompany businesses and professionals to assist their growth and development







  • Growth strategy

    2020 growth target: Revenues exceeding 250 euro millions and EBITDA reaching 72 euro millions






  • History

    Tinexta was founded in 2009 when Tecno Holding, which is owned by the main Italian...






  • Management

    The executives of Tinexta Group are professionals that have significant formative and managerial experience both in Italy as well as abroad...

Corporate profile

 € 258.7million

 € 71.3million

 € 28.8 million

 AUGUST 2016



€ 129.1million

The Group

Today, Tinexta is among the leading companies in Italy in the three business areas: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management and Innovation & Marketing Services.

  • Digital Trust refers to IT solutions for digital identity and the dematerialisation of processes according to the applicable legislation (including the new European eIDAS regulation), with products and services such as certified electronic mail (posta elettronica certificata, “PEC”), electronic archiving, digital signature, electronic invoicing, and solutions for the secure and simplified transmission of legal and financial documents...

  • The Information & Credit Management area provides services and products to assess the credit of businesses and individuals, analyse and package information on creditworthiness and collection management, offer tools for data collection, analysis and evaluation, as well as undertake real estate valuation. Its objective is to enhance the commercial asset...

  • The Innovation and Marketing Services Business Unit, through the companies Co.Mark and Warrant Hub, offers a consultancy platform to SMEs to support them in phases of manufacturing growth and expansion of commercial activities, including abroad...


Tinexta offers a range of cutting edge solutions that assist companies, financial institutions and professionals to grow and compete better. Such solutions are divided in:

· Corporate Innovation

· Managing Credit & Finance

· Internationalization & New Markets

Your growth is our business.


In Evidence

  • The Board of Directors

    The overall framework of the Corporate Governance of Tinexta, i.e. the system of rules and procedures set by the corporate bodies, aims to fulfil the different responsibilities towards stakeholders and to ensure that corporate conduct conforms to the current regulations and the...





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