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Tinexta Group is among the leading operators in Italy in four business areas: Digital Trust, Cybersecurity, Credit Information & Management and Innovation & Marketing Services. The Digital Trust Business Unit, through InfoCert, Visura, Sixtema and the Spanish company Camerfirma, provides products and services for digitalization, electronic invoicing, certified electronic mail (CEM) and digital signature as well as services for professionals, associations and SMEs. The Tinexta Cyber Business Unit, through Corvallis R&D, Yoroi and Swascan, is a national hub of identity and digital security services.

The Credit Information & Management Business Unit, through Innolva and its subsidiaries, offers services to support decision-making processes such as chamber of commerce and real estate informations, aggregated reports, synthetic ratings, decision models, credit evaluation and recovery; REValuta offers real estate services, including appraisals and valuations.

The Business Unit Innovation & Marketing Services, through the companies Warrant Hub Co.Mark and Queryo Advance, supports companies in their projects of innovation and development and efficiency in production, sales, digital and marketing, in Italy and abroad.

Tinexta Ltd. is listed on the Euronext Star Milan. As at December 31, 2021, it reported the following consolidated results: Revenues of 375.4 million, EBITDA of 93.0 million, Net profit of €39.6 million.

As at 31 December 2021 the Group had 2393 employees.