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Tinexta S.p.A. (formerly Tecnoinvestimenti), listed on the STAR segment of the Milan Stock Exchange, reported the following Consolidated Results at 31 December 2018: Revenues of €239.6 million, EBITDA of €66.0 million and Net Profit of €33.1 million.

Tinexta Group is one of the leading operators in Italy in its three areas of business: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management and Innovation and Marketing Services.

The Digital Trust Business Unit delivers, through InfoCert, Visura, Sixtema and the Spanish subsidiary Camerfirma, products and services for digitization, electronic invoicing, certified e-mail (PEC) and digital signature as well as services for professionals, associations and SMEs. InfoCert acquired in December 2018 a 50% stake in LuxTrust, a strategic joint venture to expand Digital Trust business in Europe. 

In the Credit Information and Management Business Unit, Innolva and its subsidiaries offer services to support decision making such as corporate financial statements and real estate information, aggregate financial reports, synthetic ratings, decision models, credit ratings and credit recovery, while RE Valuta offers real estate appraisals and evaluations. 

In the Innovation and Marketing Services Business Unit, Warrant Hub is the leader in consultancy to obtain subsidized financing and undertake industrial innovation while Co.Mark furnishes Temporary Export Management consultancy to SMEs to assist their commercial expansion.

At 31 December 2018, Tinexta Group personnel numbered 1,294 employees.