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Issuance of Warrant

Warrants Tecnoinvestimenti 2016-2019 offered for subscription to Cedacri

On 4 February 2016, the Tecnoinvestimenti Shareholders’ Extraordinary Meeting approved, in order to strengthen the strategic role of the partner CEDACRI within the Group, the issuance of a maximum of 951,000 warrants assigned for free named “2016-2019 Tecnoinvestimenti Warrants”. Such Warrants were to be offered to CEDACRI according to the progressive modalities and in the terms provided in the related “2016-2019 Tecnoinvestimenti Warrant Regulation” (the “Regulation”).

Following the "2016-2019 Tinexta Warrant", Cedacri exercised three tranches of no. 317,000 warrants each one for the issue of corresponding ordinary shares at a price of 3.40 euros:

  • First Tranche on 22 September 2017
  • Second Tranche on 10 September 2018
  • Third and final tranche on 19 September 2019

Consequently, the current share capital is equal to 47,207,120.00 euros for a total of 47,207,120.00 shares with no par value

Regulations applicable to Tecnoinvestimenti 2016-2019 warrants