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Digital Trust

Digital Trust refers to IT solutions for digital identity and the dematerialization of processes according to the applicable legislation (including the new European eIDAS regulation), with products and services such as certified electronic mail (posta elettronica certificata, “PEC”), electronic archiving, digital signature, electronic invoicing, and solutions for the secure and simplified transmission of legal and financial documents. Digital identity is the virtual representation of a real identity that can be used during electronic interactions with people and computers. The Digital Trust Business-Unit provides its advanced solutions through the companies InfoCert, Sixtema, Camerfirma and Visura.



InfoCert is the Italian market leader in digitization and dematerialization services, as well as one of the leading certification authorities in Europe for certified electronic mail services, digital signature, and digital document storage (AgID*Accredited Registrar). Since 2015, the company is also an AgID-accredited manager for the digital identity of residents and businesses, in compliance with SPID (the Italian public system for the management of digital identity) regulatory and technical requirements. Furthermore, it has successfully completed the certification process as an Access Point for the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) network, aimed at the promotion and use of digital services for cross-border e-procurement in the European Union.

Following its acquisition of the majority shareholding in Camerfirma and the announced joint venture with LuxTrust, InfoCert currently seeks to become the pan-European leader for Trust Service Providers (“TSP”). InfoCert is positioned on the market as a highly specialized partner in dematerialization services, ensuring customers the full innovation of processes to manage documentary and informational assets. With offices in Rome, Milan and Padua, InfoCert offers its services to both public and private companies (in the banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy, utilities, commercial distribution, environment, quality, safety, health, and public administration sectors), as well as trade associations, professional associations and professionals. Customers - whether they are businesses or professionals - are assisted to assure that chosen the services and solutions meet their specific organizational needs, as well as general and specific regulatory obligations for their relative sector.

*AgID (Italian Digital Agency) manages the implementation of the Italian Government's Digitization objectives, in coherence with the EU Digital Agenda.


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Visura offers web services based on access to the primary public administration database. Its broad array of services meets is utilized by several different categories of users, including professionals, businesses, artisans, and individuals. The information sold is sourced from public data banks of the Chamber of Commerce, property registries, land registries, and the public automotive registry. In turn, Visura provides a wide variety of additional services to manage professional associations, professional billing and IT protocol services. In addition, Visura helps its clients file financial statements to the Registry of Companies, request cadastral floor plans, request investigative information, and access the civil electronic process to file expert appraisals. The company also offers specific services such as CAF Facile and certified e-mail, which allow clients to file 730 Tax Declaration Forms and ISEE forms and certified e-mail mail with return receipts to be sent online by charging them to a prepaid account.


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Sixtema, owned 80% by InfoCert, designs and develops IT services and solutions for SMEs, trade associations, professional firms, agencies, and financial intermediaries. The highly integrated capabilities as well as knowledge of regulations and markets, the dynamics of organisational processes, and technology infrastructures, allow the company to be a benchmark for excellence in the digital transformation process of SMEs.

Sixtema’s business activities are divided into the following areas: Consultancy (an observatory that continuously reviews the regulatory panorama as well as a representative on legislative matters for associations, agencies, professionals and companies); Operations (an integrated and complete offer to ensure the provision of compliance services to associations, firms, and companies), Data Center (to directly guarantee that our solutions are secure and unassailable) and SixtemaLab, oversight of innovation and vertical projects.


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The Spanish company AC Camerfirma was established as a Certification Service Provider according to Law no. 59/2003 concerning digital signatures and certifications according to the European eIDAS law.

In May 2018 InfoCert acquired 51% of Camerfirma from the Spanish Chambers of Commerce via a capital increase, who remain 49% shareholders. InfoCert aims to sell its enterprise products through Camerfirma to Spanish companies as part of the strategy to create the leading European Digital Trust Servicer Provider.


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