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Credit Information & Management

The Information & Credit Management area provides services and products to assess the credit of businesses and individuals, analyze and package information on creditworthiness and collection management, offer tools for data collection, analysis and evaluation, as well as undertake real estate valuation. Its objective is to enhance the commercial assets of organizations and professionals, guarantee expected cash flows, and minimize insolvency issues and late payments.

Innolva and RE Valuta operate in this BU.



Created in 2017 from the merger of Assicom and Ribes, Innolva is one of the leaders in the Credit Information sector in Italy. It offers services to support decision-making processes such as chamber of commerce and property cadastral information, risk monitoring, profiling & market analysis, as well as credit assessment and collection Based on the experience of the two companies now merged, Innolva collects, processes, and analyses commercial and property data, thereby adding value to the information acquired. Its technology solutions are designed to optimise processes and facilitate customers’ business decisions. Through integrated solutions and tools designed to support the use of information, Innolva helps its customers to verify credit ratings and monitor the risk of commercial partners, collect receivables, and take advantage of new growth opportunities, with sector analyses, reference market studies, and services to support marketing and new business activities. In addition, Innolva has recently completed a significant investment in its data bank thereby enabling the development of highly advanced and very competitive products for the Italian credit information market.


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Active since 2010, RE Valuta, 83% directly controlled by Tinexta, offers real estate services, including appraisals and assessments relating to the effective value of property guarantees in the phase of loan approval. It uses estimation/reporting models based on international best practices and designed for those involved in providing and collecting loans, acquisitions, disposals and management of real estate portfolios, for both the retail and corporate segments. RE Valuta provides consultancy to integrate field research methodologies with recent domestic and international regulations.


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