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In order to conform its corporate governance model to the recommendations contained in Art. 6, Principle 6.P.3 and in Article 7, Principle 7.P.3, letter (a) sub (ii) of the Italian Corporate Governance Code, the Board of Directors, in its meeting of 17 May 2016, resolved, inter alia, to establish:

(i) a Remuneration Committee and

(ii) an Internal Control and Risk Management Committee, the latter also acting as a Committee for Transactions with Related Parties.


Remuneration Committee

The Board of Directors appointed during its meeting of 8 May 2018 the following members of the Remuneration Committee: Giada Grandi (Chairperson), Paola Generali, Lorena Pellissier, Riccardo Ranalli, Eugenio Rossetti. The Board of Statutory Auditors, during the meeting of the Board of Directors, verified, pursuant to Art. 3.C.5 of the Italian Corporate Governance Code, the correct application of the assessment criteria and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors to assess the independence of the aforementioned directors.


Control and Risk Committee - Committee for Transactions with Related Parties

The Board of Directors on 24 April 2018 appointed as members of the Control and Risk Committee the Independent Director Eugenio Rossetti (Chairman), the Independent Director Elisa Corghi, the Independent Director Gian Paolo Coscia, the Non-Executive Director Alessandro Potestà and Non-Executive Director Riccardo Ranalli. The Control and Risk Committee also performs the functions of the Committee for Transactions with Related Parties.